Kayu Manis (Cinnamon)


kayu manis (cinnamon) herbal remedies
Local Name : Kayu manis (Sumatera, Javanese).
Latin Name : Cinnamomum burmannii.
Foreign Name : Batavia cassia, Ceylon cinnamon, Saigon cinamon, Cinnamomun, Cassiavera (English).

Cinnamon is a common spice and many of us just love it for its excellent taste. We use it with oatmeal, cereal and fruit-salads.

Active Compounds :
Tannins, volatile substances, calcium oxalate, cinnezeylanin, cinnzeylanol, coumarin, and resins.

Herbal Effects:

  1. Overcoming diarrhea.
    Cinnamon can suppress the growth of the bacterium E. Colli (causes diarrhea) with tannin compounds has.
  2. Overcoming Hypertension.
  3. Prevent cancer.
    Cinnamon contains compounds are effective antioxidants to prevent cancer. Phytochemical compounds that act as antioxidants in cinnamon is the tannins and flavonoids.
  4. Treat arthritis.
  5. Treat gout.
  6. Increase appetite.
  7. Overcoming colds by reducing mucous.
  8. Overcoming vertigo.
  9. Prevent the buildup of cholesterol.
    Cinnamon Skin sinamaldehide composed of compounds, derivatives of phenol compounds. In the medical world, sinamaldehid compounds are known to have anti-platelet aggregation properties (cholesterol attached to the blood vessels).
  10. Normalizing blood sugar levels.
    Cinnamon bark contains substances that stimulate insulin that can expedite the process so that the glucose metabolism of blood sugar levels can be reduced to normal.

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