Eating Banana Helps to Overcome Neck Pain


Eating Banana Helps to Overcome Neck PainThere are easy ways you can do while being sore muscles. If you often experience muscle pain such as neck pain should more often eat bananas. Why should bananas? High mineral content of potassium in bananas are known to restore electrolyte balance and reduce painful muscle contractions. Also bananas are known to contain levels of fat and low cholesterol and high in vitamins and minerals.

Eating bananas combined with rest and proper fluid intake can be a simple and effective drugs to overcome some kind of pain or pain in the neck. Pain or tenderness in the neck often caused by muscle tension due to injury, spent time at the computer or driving. Besides the pressure on the nerves located in the neck can also cause pain.

Low levels of certain minerals in the body, especially potassium or calcium can trigger muscle spasms. This effect will be felt even worse when a person is dehydrated at the same time.

One way you can do to reduce muscle cramps and neck pain is to increase consumption of foods rich in potassium. These foods include bananas, orange juice, tomatoes, raisins or baked potato with the skin.

A medium banana is known to contain as much as 422 mg potassium, and the level of daily intake of potassium for adults about 4,700 mg, while a higher intake for athletes anymore because to avoid sore muscles.

But if the pain or pain in the neck is also reduced or even become worse, you should immediately consult a doctor. Because it can be a pain that arises not due to a strained muscle, but rather as a symptom of more serious health problems, especially if the pain spreading to the arm or shoulder.

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