Buah Merah (Red Pandan)


Resep Herbal Buah Merah Red Pandan Herbal Remedies
Local Name : Yenggen, sait, mongka memyeri, barkum, bitam (Papuanese)
Latin Name : Pandanus conoideus
Foreign Name : Red Fruit, Ren Pandan (English)

Red Pandan contains a variety of functionally active compounds, such as carotenoids, beta-carotene, tocopherol and unsaturated fatty acids (oleic and linoleic acid). In addition, Red Pandan also contain essential vitamins and minerals are fairly complete. Include calcium, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C and nialin. Every 100 grams of it contains 400 calories.

Red Pandan is consumed to maintain stamina, to smooth the skins, overcome stomach ache, keep eyes clear, and treat injuries caused by a scratch or cut. In the mountains areas, the red fruit is processed into pasta, used to smear entire body to keep the body warm. Red Pandan that is also applied to the hair to make its roots strong and thriving.

Empirical Evidence
Red Pandan is considered as a panacea for many incurable diseases. You name it stroke, breast cancer, uterine cancer, thalassemia, gout, high blood pressure, tumors, cysts, diabetes and prostate disorders. beta-carotene and tocopherols are known as potent antioxidant compounds protect the body. In the body,  these two compounds neutralize free radicals that trigger degenerative diseases such as cancer. They break the chain of free radicals that cause cells to mutate genetically to grow abnormally. The content of antioxidant compounds reach 11,000 ppm tocopherol and 700 ppm beta-carotene. Total of 12,000 ppm.

Red fruits contain beta-carotene three times higher than carrots. Carrots have long been regarded as the owner of the highest beta-carotene. Red fruit also contains alpha-tocopherol 12-25 times higher than the avocado and spinach.

Herbal Effects

  1. Anti-tumor
    There are much empirical evidences that the red fruit oil can cure the symptoms of cancer and tumors. Several studies on the influence of other commodities tocopherol on the growth of breast cancer cells in vitro conditions. This is done by inhibiting the synthesis of DNA and promote cancer cell suicide program.
  2. Anti-inflammation and Anti-irritation
  3. Immunomodulator
    Red fruit extracts contain compounds that function as macrofag activating factor (MAF). MAF is a compound that can activate macrophages function  as immune cells. Macrophage  consuming antigen in the form of bacteria, viruses and toxins.
  4. Oxidative Antistress
  5. Antibacterial
    Red fruit extract containing unsaturated fatty acids, alkaloids and essential oils, which is thought to inhibit the growth of bacteria so it have an antibacterial effect.
  6. Anti-diabetic
  7. Hepatoprotektor
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