Black Pepper as a Natural Fat Burner


Black Pepper as a Natural Fat BurnerBesides with exercise, burning fat can also be helped by proper diet. One way is to put black pepper spice into a dish that will be consumed, because it contents can increase fat metabolism. Since ancient times, black pepper known as  spices that have a lot of benefits. Eastern medicinal sciences introduce seasoning that tastes spicy or hot that could cure digestive disorders, pain and inflammation as well as various other complaints.

Although already in use for hundreds of years, modern medicine has not been revealed how it works at the cellular level. Therefore, a study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry attempted to analyze the characteristics of the content of black pepper.

A Korean scientist, Soo-Jong Um who did the study find that one of the black pepper content call piperine  can help burn fat. Not only that, piperine may also prevent the formation of new fat tissue so good for the diet. Observations in the laboratory and simulated with the computer program shows, this content can affect the activity of genes associated with obesity, piperine having an important role in the chain reactions that keep the fat levels under control.

Although only pilot study, this conclusion is an opportunity to develop black pepper as one solution to tackle obesity that plagued much of modern man. Later, if a patient wants to lose weight, your doctor may prescribe enough black pepper.  Obesity problem is not only interfere with performance, but also could be a risk factor for many chronic deadly diseases . Diabetes and heart attacks are often preceded by obesity, even some types of cancer such as colon cancer are easier to attack when the body fat content is less controlled.

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